The purpose of this website & blog is to document, primarily for myself, useful tips/tricks/programs/thoughts for getting things done on a Mac with a primary focus on astronomy.  I am hoping to eventually have created a useful resource for myself that will help me with everything from “What’s that key combo I can never remember that does  ____?” to “Ok, so here’s my new laptop, now I need to install everything necessary to make this shiny object useful.  Oh, that’s right I should check my blog.”.   (In the former case I’m depending on the ability to search and in the latter on being just organized enough to tag posts with “To install on a new mac”.)

Who am I?  I am an astronomer at Lowell Observatory.

What’s my (computer) background?  We’ll skip learning to program BASIC on a TRS-80.  For most of my career I’ve used IDL heavily and it’s been great.  (There’s an implicit “but,….” in that previous sentence that I don’t feel like going into at this time.)  I also use Fortran (of both earlier and more modern flavors) quite a bit.  Lately I’ve been getting much more into Python.  I’m often slow to adopt ‘new’ technologies.  This is my first blog.  I’ve never ‘tweeted’.  2015-02-14: I am @_hroe on twitter.  I only switched from using mail to using pine in 2003 (I’ve since switched to using Mail.app on Mac.).  I still use vi regularly, although now code in some combo of BBEdit & Canopy.