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I really like having two 23" screens on my desk at work.

I love having my MacBook Pro be my one-and-only main computer, avoiding syncing problems etc..  (I have a couple of headless Mac Pro's for heavy duty processing.)

BUT, the MacBook Pro can only run a single external monitor and using the internal screen and an external 23" just isn't the same as two 23" side-by-side.

So, I use ScreenRecycler.  ScreenRecycler is installed on my MacBook Pro.  JollysFastVNC (from the same good folks) is running on a Mac Mini that sits in my office attached to my second 23" monitor.  Once in my office I plug-in the primary 23" monitor to my MBP and wake it up (with the lid closed to keep it from using the internal screen).  Then turn the power on to the 2nd screen and launch ScreenRecycler and voila: the MBP is running both screens.  The second screen has a little bit of latency because it's being run through a VNC, but nothing too dramatic for what I typically have open on it.  The MBP does seem to be happier if you remember to quit ScreenRecycler before putting it to sleep.

This may sound a little complicated for getting a second screen, but it's really not.