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Using Keyboard Shortcuts in the Print Dialog

For a while I've used MacSparky's tip (originally from macosxhints) to print to a PDF file. Basically by typing ⌘P ⌘P from any application you get directly to the Save as PDF… dialog.

For a while I've wanted to have something similar for saving to my Web Receipts folder, but creating a similar keyboard shortcut doesn't work. (Or only works once you've clicked on the PDF dropdown menu in the print dialog. There's some sort of difference between items above vs. below the grey line in that dropdown.) But, today I realized that using Default Folder X I can create a shortcut in the Save dialog to go straight to Web Receipts (I chose ⌘⇧W for this).

So, now to save something to Web Receipts I type:

⌘P ⌘P ⌘⇧W Return