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Saving email attachments with pre-pended YYYY-MM-DD_ - Take 2

Ok, scratch the solution in that earlier post. (AppleScript with Mail.app is screwed up and unreliable, especially when dealing with attachments. My old solution had been working for me for a while and then just weirdly stopped working. When I started hunting around on the web, the mystery reversed and the question became "Wait, why had that been working as long as it had?".)

Anyhoot, I still need a way to save email attachments to a chosen folder, while pre-pending the YYYY-MM-DD the email was received.

So, I went ahead and wrote a quick Keyboard Maestro macro. You can set this to trigger any way you want. In my case I have an Alfred 2 keyword trigger that runs a short AppleScript to trigger the Keyboard Maestro macro. Yeah, that sounds a bit crazy, but it works for me and my muscle memory.

Download the Keyboard Maestro macro from github here

And, here it is graphically: