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Dealing with winmail.dat attachments

If you're like me, every now and then you'll receive an email with an attached file named winmail.dat. This Apple support article suggests that these can be ignored. Well, that's sometimes true, but more often than not for me is absolutely not true. I get emails from admin-type people, presumably using Windows, where the body of their email comes through fine and any attached files don't show up. Just that dreaded winmail.dat attachment. Ugh.

Until today I've routed those emails to a gmail account and let google do its magical nuttiness. But, today I stumbled across TNEF's Enough. I installed it, used it once, and immediately went to donate $25 to Josh Jacob. If you've got winmail.dat problems like mine, you'd think it was worth that much (or more) too. (You should donate to him if you find this useful.)

Thank you Josh for making an aspect of my work easier. Seriously, thank you.