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Python in Astronomy 2015 from afar: Tweets from Day 3

Something at SquareSpace has barfed regarding embedded tweets. Until they fix it, you can temporarily read a version of this post here.

Day 3 of the Python in Astronomy 2015 and I continue to watch longingly from afar. Today was much busier here, so I didn't keep up as much during the day. But, it also seems like the attendees tweeted a little less as they are more heads-down into coding and workshops. Here's my scraping of what caught my eye in the #pyastro15 twitter stream today:

(He's Shaun the sheep, He's Shaun the sheep, He even mucks about with those who cannot bleat....Cannot bleat!) (ahem, um, yes. Having gotten my org blocked for a few hours by [redacted] a few years ago. I don't think anyone at my org ever found out as I was able to grovel apologetically quickly enough.) (Yes, yes, YES, please!! especially if I can download them and watch them on airplanes.) (Need to check this out. My old standby for figuring out how to automate website interactions isOmniWeb, but it hasn't been under active development for some years.) (planning to do that a little later today myself) (I keep hearing about anaconda...need to look into one of these days.) (oh, that would just double my jealousy!)

Thanks everyone and keep it up tomorrow!