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Python in Astronomy 2015 from afar: Tweets from Day 4

Something at SquareSpace has barfed regarding embedded tweets. Until they fix it, you can temporarily read a version of this post here.

Day 4 of the Python in Astronomy 2015 and I had very little chance to watch the tweeting in real-time. (I was being covered in glue, scraps of paper, and fluorescent feathers while helping 50 or so 4-6 year olds make Chilean Macaroni Penguin headbands on their 'field trip' to South America. At the end I was super impressed with the 3 minute non-stop flight time from Lima to Flagstaff on Montessori Airways. I've made a note to look in to this airline for my next trip south. With flight times that fast I won't care about their upgrade policies.) Here's my scraping of today's #pyastro15 tweets, which may be a little shorter because of lower tweeting rates and I've only a few minutes before I have to go:

(I just want to be there...) (hmm... I need to figure out tagging correctly as some of mine are there and some are not. Task added to OmniFocus...)

Ok, folks, you're stress-testing Safari with the number of tabs you've gotten me to open of things I want to check out. Thanks again & have another great day tomorrow.