Basic moom customization

Here are some of my basic keyboard shortcuts in Moom.  These allow quickly moving windows to the edge of the display and making windows (especially Terminal and Aquamacs) taller without messing with their width.


Downcast, the 'emacs' of podcast players

Um, yes please.  

(This is one of those Apps that I wish I'd started using so much sooner.)


Teleport - controlling multiple Macs with one keyboard and mouse

Teleport is one of those amazing tools that just seems to work and does something miraculous, sharing input devices (whether USB or Bluetooth) attached to one computer across multiple computers. So useful. You should consider donating to support it.


Witch - Advanced window switching

Witch is a handy tool that is significantly more advanced than the built-in ⌘-` and ⌘-tab. I have Witch configured in a most basic manner: activate with ⌥→ and then use the ←→↓↑ to navigate.


Sharing bash_profile amongst computers

I got tired of having unnecessary differences in my .bash_profile file amongst the computers I use regularly. So, I moved to a system where I keep a universal bash_profile in Dropbox and have the local .bash_profile file call it. This allows local definitions as necessary, but propagates universal definitions everywhere.

My universal bash_profile is in ~/Dropbox/dot_files/bash_profile.

On any given computer the first line of .bash_profile is:

source ~/Dropbox/dot_files/bash_profile
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